The Building Committe Mission

Our mission statement developed in December 2007 states our intentions to:

Design and construct a beautiful and economical building that will become the hub of the community and which will be constructed to use significantly less energy than a conventional library of this size. The purposes envisioned for this building are:

  1. to facilitate the current library operations to better serve the community;
  2. to provide a functional library space for many years into the future;
  3. to provide access for all citizens of Jefferson;
  4. to furnish technology for patron’s and staff use, now and in the future and;
  5. to provide a dynamic public place for the community to meet, learn, and relax

The committee members envision a structure that will be a cornerstone to the community, reflective of the elegance and charm of traditional New England architecture. It is important for the building to serve as a gathering spot, not only as the library, but with meeting space for town organizations, community presentations, and social interaction in a warm, comfortable, and welcoming setting. It is important that the building be aesthetically appealing but also economically feasible and sustainable for the community. The intent is to incorporate as much “green” technology as possible into the design and reduce fossil fuel dependence both in construction and the heating and cooling of the building.

The present Jefferson Public Library is approximately 1400 gross square feet, definitely too small to perform all of its multiple roles as a town facility – the organization and warehousing of books and media, public internet access, and as a community gathering place.

The building has no running water and no septic system. The building is completely inaccessible for the handicapped and a challenge for the frail. The parking situation is difficult year-round due to the fact that the parking lot is located on the opposite side of busy Route 2. The structural integrity of the building has been in question for many years. The size of the current site does not allow for expansion, renovations, or rebuilding.

A library accessible to the public is more than just a building, it is crucial to the educational, cultural, and economic development of the town. A new library is not only about getting more books to more people but also about adding value to our town. An improved physical structure will allow the library to enhance the services and programs it offers and serve the community well into the future.