New Hampshire Downloadable Books

What you need to know:

If you are a Jefferson Ptl_files/content/library/NHWebGraphic1.gifublic Library patron you now have access to downloadable eBooks and audiobooks.   All you need is your library card with a barcode.  If you don't have a barcode on your library card you need to stop down and get a new card.

What is an audiobook?  It's a book you can listen to on a portable auido device.

What is an eBook?  It's a book you can read on your PC, MAC, Kindle, Nook, iPAD, Android or other tablet device.

What do you need besides a library card?  An internet connection, to download and  install necessary Overdrive software so you can read or listen with your device.   In most cases this should be done with your own computer because devices are normally connected to a MAC or PC.  But, please do not hesitate to come in for help in the library.  Bring your laptop and your device with you.   There is a binder in the library to help walk you thru the process  and Joy is happy to help as well.

tl_files/content/library/NHWebGraphic4-1.gifWhat do you need to get started?  Click on icon to the left to go to out to NH Downloadable books and scroll down the page and click on the Official New Hampshire Downloadable Books Blog, click on the link on the right labeled "Before Getting Started" and then you can followup by clicking on "Getting Started with eBooks" or  "Getting Started with Audiobooks." Again, don't hesitate to come in and have Joy help you thru the process.