Calendar of Events

April & May Calendar
April 21st - 2:00pm - Tech Class Laptops/Computers - Must RSVP in advance
April 24th - 7:00pm Adult Coloring
May 1st - 7:00pm Adult Coloring
May 2nd - 6:00pm - Tech Class Smartphones - Must RSVP in advance
May 3rd - 7:00pm  Darned Needles
May 8th - 6:30pm Library Trustees Meeting
May 15th - 7:00pm Adult Coloring
May 17th - 7:00pm Darned Needles
May 22nd - 7:00pm Adult Coloring
June 3rd - 1:00pm Civil War Quilts and Stories They Tell - AT TOWN HALL

Childrens Room:  All Activities start at 10:30am on Saturday's!
May 12th - Craft Time
May 19th - Hands on Science