History of the Jefferson Public Library

Library in Jefferson New Hampshire

The first library in Jefferson was started in the 1800’s by a young man named Abner Davis and was located in a building on the Mardin Farm, next door to the present location.  Lucy Rogers made the first official donation to the library and because of her interest Mr. Davis named the original library The Lucy Rogers Library in her honor.

When the No. 2 schoolhouse on Route 115A was replaced in the early 1900’s Mr. Davis prevailed on the town to convert the building into a library.  The building was moved from a site near the current Hicks Logging office to its present location on Route 2.  Mr. Davis served as librarian for many years and as a trustee until his death.

In 1976 the shed attached to the library was renovated into a museum for the Historical Society. A few years later the museum moved into the former United Methodist Church and the space was converted into a children’s room.

The large bell on the front lawn had hung in the Jefferson Hill School.  When the school was torn down in the spring of 1969 the bell was salvaged and relocated to the library in 1976.

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