The Jefferson Public Library Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the library. There are no meetings in July and December.

Board of Trustees Term Expires
Jeanne Kenison 2019
Bette Bovio 2019
Elizabeth Milligan 2020
Norman Brown 2020
Leslie Seppala 2021
Joy McCorkhill, Library Director

Library Policies

Trustees are in the process of going thru an updating all library policies.  The following have been reviewed and approved.

Circulation & Overdue Policy                               Electronics/Kit Borrowing Agreement

Collection Development Policy                            Computer/Internet Policy

Gift/Donations Policy                                          Unattended Child Policy

Weapons Policy                                                   Personnel Policy

 Jefferson Public Library endorses and tries to adhere to the following as part of our policies:

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement and Freedome to View Statement

JPL Trustee By-Laws

Library Trustee Agenda & Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the JPL Trustee Meeting
November 13, 2018
Meeting opened at 6:33 PM.

Those present: Liz Milligan, Chair, Leslie Seppalla, Joy McCorkhill, Director, Jeeanne Kenison.

 The secretary's minutes for the October 9, 2018 meeting were read by trustees. A motion was made to accept the minutes as written, was seconded and accepted by all trustees.

 The trustees reviewed the JPL Trustees Statement for the Library and made final corrections/ changes.  A motion was made to accept the statement with the corrections, seconded and accepted by all the trustees.

 The trustees also reviewed the JPL Director's Hours statement.  A motion was made to accept the director's hours as written, seconded and accepted by all trustees.

 The treasurer's report was reviewed by the trustees after signing/ reviewing receipts.  The checking account balance as of November 13, 2018 was $2,850.94 and the savings account balance $4,465.13 as of November 13.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer's report, seconded and accepted by all trustees.

 Director's Report

The number of individual visits for October was 100.

 Joy stated she has completed weeding through the fiction collection.  She will do the paperback spinner and JA and begin the new year with non-fiction weeding.  Joy is looking for paper boxes for her weeding and donations.

 Joy had a newspaper article in the Democrat last week and will have one in the Northwoods Weekly next week.  She is still trying to get people in for programming.  It takes time to get the word out and has only been 1 month.  She will re-evaluate it next year by March/April.  She will work to get the article out on a monthly basis again.

 She has updated the website and tween night will be 11/27 (craft using old books); family night 11/28, hoping to get people in for stop motion.  It is the beginning of the holiday season and may not have a good show.  She will continue to advertise the programs into the new year.

 Leslie had an idea to offer a beginner's quilting program aimed at teens.  Joy will advertise this and plan on several classes over winter to be able to complete a project.  This would require sign up and sewing machines will be available.

The pie sale is next Tuesday and Joy is looking for pies.

 Joy is expecting the rest of her October order to come in and already has books to order for next month.  She will place another order at the end of the month, making sure she leaves enough for January-March of next year.

The Craft fair/Chocolate tasting Event will be February 9 next year.  She will book that date out for the town hall and get the letters/ emails out in December.

 Leslie will be Mrs. Claus for story-time at the Christmas Festival.  The Cookie Walk will set up at the Odd Fellow's Hall and we are looking for cookies as they always run out.

 Joy received the Summer Reading Program Manual and the 2019 theme will be the Universe of Stories.

 Joy presented the Proposed Library Budget Allowance for 2019 and figures were reviewed by the trustees.  Increases had been in fiction, non-fiction and children/juvenile book and audio purchases.  Other increases were reflected in software and PO Box as annual fees had gone up.   Supplies including laminating film had been added as a line item.  Computer equipment and repairs increased as well.  We took off mileage as a line item and included it as a line item under the JPL Proposed 2019 Budget.  The library budget allowance amounted to $6,505.00.  A motion was made to accept the 2019 Library Allowance Budget for  $6,505, was seconded and passed by all Trustees.

 Liz then passed out the JPL Proposed 2019 Budget and all line items were reviewed by the Trustees.  We had discussed the possibility of a long distance package for the library as it has been difficult for Joy to make long distance calls from library without using her own phone.  The budget totaled $ $23,320.00, up from 2018 budget of $22,000.00.  A motion was made to accept the JPL Proposed 2019 Budget for $23,320.00 and to be presented to TOJ Selectboard Monday night with the caveat of asking for a long distance package, not included in the budget.  This was seconded and all trustees accepted this.

There will be no December Trustee Meeting and will meet for next on January 8,2019.

Meeting closed 7:48.

Previous Approved Minutes
April 10 2018 - Unofficial Informational Meeting - Quorum (not present)