The Jefferson Public Library Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the library. There are no meetings in July and December.

Board of Trustees Term Expires
Leslie Seppala 2018
Jeanne Kenison 2019
Bette Bovio 2019
Elizabeth Milligan 2020
Norman Brown 2020
Joy McCorkhill, Library Director

Library Policies

Trustees are in the process of going thru an updating all library policies.  The following have been reviewed and approved.

Circulation & Overdue Policy

Electronics/Kit Borrowing Agreement

Collection Development Policy

Computer/Internet Policy

Gift/Donations Policy

Unattended Child Policy

Weapons Policy

Personnel Policy

 Jefferson Public Library endorses and tries to adhere to the following as part of our policies:

 ALA Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement and Freedome to View Statement

JPL Trustee By-Laws

Library Trustee Agenda & Meeting Minutes

JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:34.

Those present;  Liz Milligan, Chair, Joy McCorkhill, Director, Bette Bovio, Jeanne Kenison.

The secretary's January Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved with 1 capitalization correction.

There is no treasurer's report available.

Director's report

Joy presented the statistics and there were 132 individual visits for January 2018.  She calculated the ROI (return on interest) for library usage for the month.

Better World Books has been dropping libraries and we need to look at other ways to recycle donations as we have little storage. It was suggested to offer bags of free books at the end of the book sale. We may contact activity directors at local nursing homes to come to the sale to take books for their residents.

Joy shared some emails from small libraries concerning difficulties of ILL and the time involved in the process.  Michael York responded back explaining the current situation with the ILL module and their plan to replace the Sirsi Dynix system within the next year.

Joy stated that the Chocolate Tasting/Craft fair brought in $520 and, after expenses ($90 FFA, Sentinal $100, Democrat $62 and Walmart $59), total profit was $210.   Joy thought that since we have been advertising for 5 years , that we can cut back on advertising for fewer expenses.  It is advertised in the community calendar and we can utilize free listings in local calendar of events, WMUR and radio stations.

Joy stated that 3 people have expressed interest in participating in a technology class and she will contact them and set up a time on Saturday PM for the class.

The deadline for completing the State Statistic Survey is 3/16/18.

Joy followed up with Pam Weeks on a spring quilting program and the suggested time won't work for her.  We haven't heard back on an alternate date yet.

Joy expressed an interest in better organizing her craft closet by purchasing shoe boxes to organize them.  A motion was made for Joy to use $20 to purchase these shoe boxes , seconded and approved.

Joy asked to close the library early on March 13 to attend the town meeting and this was approved by the trustees.

Old Business

Liz attended the TOJ Budget Meeting and the board approved  library budget for $22,000 .  Trustees will take that amount and go back over the budget in the March meeting.  Liz brought in a JPL Trustee Manual Binder for the TOJ Board to review if they had any specific questions concerning trustee or library director responsibilites or policies.

New Business

Liz asked if Joy could put a link on the JPL Facebook page for the Friends Facebook page.  She can do this but expressed a concern that different Friends events were already being posted on JPL  and felt that too much information would discourage people from viewing the pages.  We will monitor the results.

The next meeting will be Thursday March 15, 2018 t 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46.
JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2018
Meeting called to order at 6:43.
Those present: Liz Milligan, Leslie Seppala, Joy McCorkhill, Bette Bovio and Jeanne Kenison.
The November 14, 2017 meeting minutes were read and reviewed.  Liz made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  This was seconded and approved.
The Treasurer's Report was presented and reviewed.  The checking balance as of 1/6/2018 was $996.45.  The savings account balance as of 12/31/17 was $4,248.58. Leslie reviewed the JPL Trustee Report she had prepared for the town .  Joy requested that a copy of the financial report be sent to Linda.
Director's Report
Joy passed out the draft of the 2017 JPL Report to review.  She reworked and updated previous report, adding additional information about Friends and New Library Building fundraising. She added ROI (Return On Investment) for library users.  Lastly, she added information on accepting donations.
Joy printed out the 2017 statistics and did a comparison of statistics from 2012-2017  numbers.   She discussed some of the trends.
Joy said that the Adult Coloring has run its course of interest and she is looking for new ideas for adult crafts.  She stated that she'd like to do some computer classes maybe on understanding Windows 10/ Face Book and charge a nominal fee to cover her time.  She would like to do a weekly challenge  rather than an assigned time as the Lego Club attendance is declining as well.  She welcomes any thoughts/suggestions for classes/ crafts.
Better World Books is dropping JPL secondary to low volume and she will look for alternatives.  This had been helpful to get some return back on donated books that didn't get sold from book sales.
ILL Server has been down for a month.
Spectrum does not look like they will be fixing the issue with Outlook.  Spectrum web mail is pretty clunky and difficult.  Joy will continue to use Outlook to read and sort email but will answer emails as necessary with Spectrum's web mail.
The Valentine's Craft Fair and Chocolate Tasting Event will be held Saturday Feb 3.  Joy will set tables up Friday night and turn on the heat.  She will be there st 8:30  AM  Saturday for craft vendors to set up.  She has put ads in the Democrat for $62 for 2 weeks run and in the Northwoods Weekly for $100 for 2 weeks.  These will run in the 2 issues leading up to the Craft fair.  A flyer will be posted in the Post office as well.
The sign for the sale is in snow and Joy hopes to get it dug out this Saturday.  As of Thursday there are 8 confirmed tables and she is expecting at least 4 more.  Brenda will be working the library hours for Joy.
Joy is looking for Chocolate entries, water for the Keurig, other crockpot dishes for luncheon and table cloths for the luncheon and chocolate tables. Leslie will make some Valentine themed table cloths for us.  Food will be for donation but thought that we should suggest a $5 donation for beverage and a “bowl” as many patrons had asked what they could donate. She is also looking for someone to help with the Chocolate Tasting Table to serve and give some direction.
Joy is looking for a possible substitute for her Saturday Feb 10 if she gets delayed coming back Friday night.  Liz put it in her phone to remind her if needed.
Unfinished Business
Liz and Joy presented the budget to the TOJ Selectboard.  Liz returned at a later date to present the budget in a different format as requested by the BOS and to answer any questions.  Liz will also bring in a JPL Trustee Manual for the BOS to refer to for questions on JPL by-laws/policies,Trustee contacts or roles or director responsibilities to name a few.  She has not yet heard back from them on what they have approved.
Liz did receive the remaining $500 of the Trustee Allowance.
New Business
Liz brought to the attention of the trustees/director an e mail  from LES on “ stop animation” that will be done as part of the STEAM workshop.
There will be an April 28 NHLTA orientation in Hooksett from 10-2Pm for anyone that is interested.
The next meeting will be Feb 13 at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28.
JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
November 14,2017
Meeting called to order at 6:34.
Those present: Liz, Joy, Bette and Jeanne.
The secretary's minutes were reviewed and a motion was made to approve minutes as written. This was seconded and minutes were accepted.
There was no treasurer's report as Leslie was out.
Liz reported that Rodney Boudle removed the last 2 bushes from the front of the library.  Liz sent an e-mail to Selectboard to thank the town for Rodney's services and requesting the remainder of the trustee allowance ($500).  She hadn't heard back yet.
Liz and Joy will be meeting w/ the Selectboard Monday night at 7:15 to discuss the JPL Trustee 2018 Budget for $24,000.  The trustees discussed the 2018 anticipated income from donations/events that the trustees  hold: $200 from Chocolate tasting event, $150 from book sale and $100 from copies and laminations.  This income augments the savings account for emergency purposes.
Director's Report
Joy would like to take December 23 off and close the library as it has been difficult for volunteers to cover being so close to Christmas.  She will post that the library will resume its normal hours Tuesday, December 26. This was approved by the trustees.  Brenda Roy will cover the library on November 25, 10-2 and 12/14 5-8.
Joy said that the Laugh Free and Live Program was great but only 12 people attended. This has been an ongoing problem with previous programs.
Joy followed up  with Stop Motion Animation and would like to do family oriented programs.  She would need approximately $1500 for equipment; 3-4 tripods/cellophone/ipad adapter approx $27, 3-4 ipads/pads.  She will look into grants/ donations.  Nancy Decoursey would be willing to help with grants.
Joy discussed the possibility of having computer classes in response to library patron requests.
Library started picking up again mid-October.  Joy is still weeding through the library.
Joy continues to look into Twitter accounts but it is hard to keep up when you find the format repetitive.  Instagram may be better as it is more picture oriented.  It can be connected to FaceBook and photos can be posted in both places.
Nancy DeCoursey  contacted Joy and stated that on Nov 8 she had officially heard that we didn't receive the Spectrum Grant.
We need the Santa put up on the library and will ask Tim Kenison to put it up for us.
Pie Sale is next Tuesday 11/21 and we need to spread the word.
Cookie Walk will be coming up December 9 and will be looking for bakers.
Joy stated that Spectrum issues persist. She can receive mail but needs to send it in a different format.  She will try to contact a tech that can help resolve this.
“Libraries Rock!” is the SRP theme for 2018.
Joy is getting flyers ready for the Valentine's Craft Fair.  The brochures will be ready for distribution at the Christmas Festival.
The next meeting will be January 9 at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00.


JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2017
Meeting called to order 6:32
Those present: Liz Milligan, Leslie Seppala, Joy, McCorkhill, Norm Brown and Jeanne Kenison. 
The secretary's report was reviewed and no corrections made.  The minutes were accepted as written.
The treasurer's report was reviewed. The saving's account balance as of 10/10/17 was $4,247.51 and the checking account, $2,088.04.  Expenses were reviewed and initialed by trustees. The report was accepted.
Library Director's Report
The September Individual Visits were slightly down at 90.
The Trustees Allowance for 2017 was supposed to be $5500 ($500 less than 2016 to cover raise) and the town cut a check for $5000. Trustees had decided to wait to request the additional $500 until everything looked good financially towards the end of the year. Liz will request the additional $500.
Joy asked the Trustees if we wanted to change the date of the Chocolate Tasting Event from February 10 to a different date as she had made an earlier commitment for the 10th and would be unable to attend.  Trustees agreed to change it to February 3, 2017.
Joy stated that Pamela Weeks would like to come back to speak in Jefferson as she had been so well received and would like to talk about Civil War Quilts.  She donated a copy of her Civil War Quilt Blocks Book to the library.
Laugh Free and Live will be presented at the Jefferson Town Hall October 18 at 6:30. She will be staying at the Evergreen motel. This has been sent out to NCLC Libraries to post.  The Friends will be paying for half the fee of $200 and Joy will get the check from Brenda Roy.  Joy will there for 6:00 set up.
Joy had attended the GSIL Media Smart Librarians- Stop Motion Animation Train the trainer program. It would be a great hands-on experience for family and kids activities.  All ages could have fun with this.
The Spectrum Grant would have been great for purchasing this.  Tripods, cell phone/tablet adapter, Stop motion app are $27. Joy would be happy to use her cell phone but having 3-4 would be ideal.
The community Calendars are here and there are only 12 extra. Extras will be sold at the cookie walk.
Posters are out for bakers for the Pie Sale and for the Cookie Walk.
It has been really slow and Joy has been weeding audios and Children's VHS. She continues to weed through the Fiction.
She has shifted videos and put out some publicity.  She processed a bunch of books.  Next months are high publishing months.  Joy has moved things around on the website to freshen it up. She has also started a Library Twitter Account that can be connected to Facebook.  Instagram might be better and it can be connected to Facebook as well.
Joy said that we haven't yet heard from the Spectrum grant and at this time she would say we haven't received it.
Old/Unfinished Business
Liz would like Trustees to recheck the NHTLA List server email to make sure that they are registered and receiving mail.
Liz asked about any update from Central Paving and Norm Brown stated that he hadn't heard back from Ed Stanley. Liz asked Norm for clarification of a statement he had made at the Select Board meeting from the minutes concerning discussing an alternate walkway and handicapped parking with Mae Brooks. Norm stated he had been asked a question from the Select Board and this had not been put on the agenda.
Liz had made a revision of the Proposed 2018 JPL Budget by adding 1 extra week of vacation and 9% State Payroll Tax.  Liz made a motion for the trustees to accept the 2018 JPL Proposed Budget for $24,000.00.  Norm made a motion not to accept the additional 25hrs to cover outside JPL fundraisers and this was not seconded.  The Proposed budget was seconded as is and 3 voted to accept and 1 no.  Liz and Joy will schedule a time in November to present the proposed budget to the Select Board.
New Business
Rodney Boudle removed many of the bushes from the front of the library and would be willing to trim back the remaining 2 bushes.  Liz will ask him to finish trimming them.
Liz will be attending the Oct 21 NHTLA workshop in Gorham and will contact Bette to see if she has registered.
Liz asked what vacations the trustees had scheduled: Leslie will be gone February/ March and Norm will be gone from the end of January to end of March although he will be back briefly for the Town Meeting.
Joy passed out the updated Firearm's Policy.  Norm wondered if we shouldn't rename it the Weapon's Policy to include edged weapons.  Liz made a motion to accept the name change from Firearm's to Weapon's Policy and this was seconded and accepted.
Liz passed out a JPL Important Dates List.  Leslie asked to have the Summer reading program included.
Liz passed out a JPL library Director's List of Responsibilities to include in the manual.  She also passed out a Library Director's Evaluation Form for us to look at for future evaluations.  These will be reviewed next month.
Joy passed out an article on” Calculating the Value of Libraries”.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 14 at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at 7:51.