The Jefferson Public Library Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the library. There are no meetings in July and December.

Board of Trustees Term Expires
Jeanne Kenison 2019
Bette Bovio 2019
Elizabeth Milligan 2020
Norman Brown 2020
Leslie Seppala 2021
Joy McCorkhill, Library Director

Library Policies

Trustees are in the process of going thru an updating all library policies.  The following have been reviewed and approved.

Circulation & Overdue Policy                               Electronics/Kit Borrowing Agreement

Collection Development Policy                            Computer/Internet Policy

Gift/Donations Policy                                          Unattended Child Policy

Weapons Policy                                                   Personnel Policy

 Jefferson Public Library endorses and tries to adhere to the following as part of our policies:

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement and Freedome to View Statement

JPL Trustee By-Laws

Library Trustee Agenda & Meeting Minutes

April 10 2018 - Unofficial  Informational Meeting Quorum (not present)
JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:40.

Those present: Liz Milligan, Chair, Joy McCorkhill, Director, Bette Bovio and Jeanne Kenison.

The secretary's minutes were reviewed and 1 correction was made.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with the 1 correction and they were approved.

There was no Treasurer's report at this time.

Director's Report

Joy reported that the ILL was still down.

The State Survey has been completed.  If this survey is completed on time, we are eligible for the Kids' Books and Art Grant, but wasn't interested in this at this time.

Joy stated that the Twitter Account is not working so well and she will unsign from it.  She will continue with Facebook and Instagram.

Joy switched the library email from outlook to gmail.

A few more people have expressed an interest in a Tech Class.  Joy will have 2 classes based on what their interests are: one on computers and the other on tablets/smartphones.  She will run another newspaper article and post it locally.  The classes will be held on a Wednesday night and an Saturday afternoon class. There will be a small fee to cover Joy's time.

Pamela Weeks responded back to Joy and stated that she was available to do a program on Civil War Quilts on June 3, Sunday at 1PM.  We will have to cover the $300 fee as this is not covered by the Humanities Grant. We will have food and drinks for donations and Bette will ask quilting groups for donations.

Joy will get an article in the paper and have it put in the Community Calendar.  Bette will pass flyers out to the quilting groups and at 1Stitch/2Stitches.  Joy will email Linda to have the town hall reserved for that date.

Joy has registered for the Arduino Workshop to be held in Franconia April 23 on Monday from 10 to 3.  The $20 fee includes takeaways for either Leslie or Joy to use.   It will work well in the science programs. It will help them build Ibots.  A motion was made that if Joy attends on her non-library work hours, she will be paid by the Trustee Allowance. This was seconded and approved.

Jeanne will cover for Joy Tuesday night , March 27 from 5:30 to closing.  Joy will be attending a Junior Specific College Application/Information Program at the WMRHS with her son , Duncan.

The Summer reading program will continue to be on Wednesday nights at 630.  The theme will be Libraries Rock and will feature 4 nights of music from 7/11 to 8/1.  The 7/11 Kick-off with Jeremy and Kenny will be a community family event with all ages welcome.  7/18 will feature the making of a musical quilt .( Joy will be looking for fabric and fabric paint markers.)  7/25 World Beat Program will have the kids making hand drum and hand pianos.  8/1 will do a family event Lip Sync with Ken Jacquart doing sound and will need judges. Trustees thought an additional end of summer gathering at the community ballfield as suggested by Joy would be a good way to conclude the SRP with community invited.

The Nevers Fund has money for scholarships this year but the Enman Fund does not.

Joy would like to ask the Friends of the Library to help fund equipment not in our budget.  The equipment would help fund a family friendly program on Stop Animation and create a club around that for tweens. They could create things for the library, have them enter contests, etc.  Total amount would be $555 for 3, $185 iPod 6th generation (refurbished), shock/drop proof case and tripod with mount.  Ipods could also circulate for trips for kids to work outside library hours.  This could be on Saturdays in summer when craft and science programs aren't scheduled.

New Business

Liz passed out the report comparing the proposed 2018 budget with the actual 2018 budget based on the $22,000.00 approved by the BOS ( $24,000.00 proposed amount). She had reworked the numbers to fit the 22,000.00 budget and this was discussed with the trustees.  The $12,603.99 wages reflected the additional 2% COLA.

Liz suggested that we ask for $5500 of the allowance now and , after reviewing where we stood , ask for the remaining $1,000 in October.  After discussion, Liz made a motion that we request $5,500 of the allowance now and in October ,after reviewing the budget, ask for the final $1,000.  this was seconded and approved.  Liz will send an email out to Linda later.

Liz asked Joy to review the JPL Director Evaluation as there were 3 additional questions that should have been included in it.  Joy will make sure they are added and they will be sent to trustees to review for the next meeting.

Liz stated that we had had the audit done and merited the quick work of the bank employees when they found additional statements that the auditors were missing.

Next meeting will be Tuesday April 10 at 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55.

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