The Jefferson Public Library Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the library. There are no meetings in July and December.

Board of Trustees Term Expires
Jeanne Kenison 2019
Bette Bovio 2019
Elizabeth Milligan 2020
Norman Brown 2020
Leslie Seppala 2021
Joy McCorkhill, Library Director

Library Policies

Trustees are in the process of going thru an updating all library policies.  The following have been reviewed and approved.

Circulation & Overdue Policy                               Electronics/Kit Borrowing Agreement

Collection Development Policy                            Computer/Internet Policy

Gift/Donations Policy                                          Unattended Child Policy

Weapons Policy                                                   Personnel Policy

 Jefferson Public Library endorses and tries to adhere to the following as part of our policies:

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement and Freedome to View Statement

JPL Trustee By-Laws

Library Trustee Agenda & Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the JPL Annual Trustee Meeting
June 6, 2018 

Those present: Liz Milligan, Chair, Leslie Seppala, Bette Bovio, and Jeanne Kenison.

Meeting called to order at 6:45.

Liz started the meeting with nominations.  She nominated Leslie Seppala as the Treasurer and this was seconded by Jeanne .  The motion was passed.  She then nominated Jeanne Kenison as Secretary; seconded by Leslie Seppala and approved.   Bette nominated Liz as Chair , seconded by Leslie and approved. 

The Trustees discussed the possibility of listing scheduled/vacation time off to avoid the disruption of monthly trustee meetings.  A motion was made to discuss Trustee attendance under Article 2, Board Meetings .  This was tabled until the monthly meeting June 12 when it can be fully discussed.

Liz will get an updated 2018 JPL Trustee Contact List including the nominated positions. 

A motion was made to to adjourn the meeting at 7:50, seconded and approved.

JPL Trustee Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2018

Meeting opened at 6:35.

Those present: Liz Milligan, Chair, Leslie Seppala, Jeanne Kenison, Joy McCorkhill, Director.

The secretary's minutes for March were reviewed and approved with 1 correction.

The treasurer's report was reviewed and statements/bills initialed by trustees.  The savings account balance from 4/9/18 -5/7/18 is $4,284.98 and the non-profit checking account balance is $5,875.82.  The 2 large deposits noted in the non-profit checking reflected a repayment from Friends and donation for iPods and the town allotment and donation.  Leslie stated that previous bank statements 1/2018 -4/2018 are on file.  The report was accepted without corrections.

Director's Notes:

Pam Weeks and Civil War Quilts is still on for June 3 and Joy will do a write-up in the newspaper as well as move the sign down to the town hall.

Joy attended the webinar on new MHEC ( Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium).  Time will tell but it looks like Baker and Taylor can still use our account but we need to contact them to change our discount code.  This gives access to any contract to track books purchased.

The Arduino Workshop attended by Joy, April 23 was great.  Leslie and Joy can incorporate this into Science Saturdays.  Joy canceled this month and will go on summer hiatus soon.  Things will start back up in fall.

The iPods have been purchased, set-up and barcoded.  Joy ordered one tripod to test and will order 2 more later.  She will start putting something together this summer.

The SRP Flyer has been made to give to JES students.  She will set up events for the 7/11 to 8/8 SRP on Facebook.   She will also look up setting up an email link on the website to sign up as well.

Joy has been updating the JPL Wensite and has made the trustee page shorter by moving things around so there is less scrolling.  She has also added pdf of finalized minutes and will add more as she has time.  She took the mission statement off the Home Page to keep it current and may either add it back later or move it to the trustee page.  She will continue to keep working on it to freshen it up within the parameters.

She is still in the weeding process as she has time but hasn't had much time this past month.

The last Book Club read was tough and Joy will pass around a “reads to go” list to check off those they are interested in for next year.  She would like opinions on when,where and how many books we would like.

New Business

Trustees reviewed the JPL Library Director Evaluation form and accepted this.  Trustees will meet for our Annual Trustees meeting and non public session on Wednesday, June 6 at 6:30 at library.  We will open the trustee meeting to discuss nominations and acceptance of positions then go into non-public session to discuss the library director evaluation form.

Liz will update the Trustee Contact sheet with Leslie's new expiration date of 2021 as well as the BOS JPL Binder,  Joy will also put it on the website.

The next monthly meeting will be June 12 at 6:30.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:12.

Previous Approved Minutes

April 10 2018 - Unofficial Informational Meeting - Quorum (not present)